Payment Methods

At the checkout page you can choose one of the available payment methods, as they are described as follows:

  • With credit, debit or prepaid card of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners
  • With digital wallet MasterPass
  • With PayPal

For the payment using card, after you fill all the mandatory information at the checkout page, you will be navigated to an external safe environment of Alpha Banκ wherein you fill in you card details and after the payment completion, you return again to our site and you get a message for whether the payment has sucessfully completed or failed.

In order to make payment through PayPal, you will again navigate to the secure PayPal service environment wherein you will need to sign up for the service as you will be prompted for a username and password to log in to your account.

Payment Security

Payments on our site are being proccessed in Alpha Bank secure environment which implements international best practices for e-commerce payments and most up-to-date international security standards. Card data (card number, CVV2/CVC2, expiration date etc.) are transmitted/ transferred over the Internet in an encrypted format (using SSL 128-bit encryption) and are not accessible by our e-shop. All systems and procedures used by Alpha Bank block unauthorised third parties from accessing the Bank’s data and information systems. Alpha Bank’s payment page, in which the merchant’s customers enter their card details, bears a digital certificate to allow anybody to check its authenticity, i.e. to make sure that it is a genuine web page of the Alpha e-Commerce service of Alpha Bank. The Alpha e-Commerce service is fully compatible with the 3D-Secure security protocols American Express SafeKey®, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode of the corresponding international card organisations, for secure on-line card payments.  With this mechanism, after entering  his/her card details, the Customer will be asked to enter his/her 3D-Secure code in order for the cardholder verification process to take place.  Verification is carried out by the issuing bank, after which the Customer is redirected back to the transaction page, in order for the transaction to be completed.

Furthuremore, PayPal transactions are being proccessed within a fully secure environment with continuous use of SSL security protocols and AES-256bit encryption. All PayPal pages, from user registration or login to the simplest confirmation messages, are carried out in a secure and encrypted connection environment, and any data transmission is virtually impossible to capture in real time. PayPal, as an intermediary e-commerce platform, has mechanisms for tracking every transaction for several months from launch. In addition to the secure trading environment, the user has the ability to communicate with support personnel in case of trouble, debit and refund.

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