Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance - Silver


Annual Multi-Trip policies refer to journeys of up to 31 days (per trip) per year.

Silver is for regular stay and it provides more extended level of cover.

What is insured?

The main value of the cover provided is for medical emergencies when abroad and for personal liability.

This policy pays, in accordance with the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy wording, in the event that you:

  • Should you need to cancel or curtail your trip due to unforeseen health issues affecting your trip;
  • Emergency Medical Treatment abroad should you suffer an unexpected injury or illness while abroad.
  • Are delayed en route;
  • Suffer loss or damage while abroad;
  • Personal Liability (including legal costs and expenses) against any amount an insured person becomes legally liable to pay as compensation for any claim or series of claims arising from any one event or source of original cause for accidental.

The policy covers you, and any other person named on the validation certificate travelling with you. The main sections of the policy and benefit levels are listed below, with full details contained in the policy schedule and policy wording.

  • Cancellation and Curtailment up to €3,500
  • Emergency Medical, Repatriation and Other Expenses up to €6,000,000 Including Dental Treatment up to €250
  • Hospital Confinement Benefit up to €2,500
  • Personal Accident up to €32,000
  • Delayed Departure up to €600
  • Missed Departure up to €1,200
  • Baggage Cover up to €1,800
  • Personal Money, passport & Documents up to €900
  • Personal Liability up to €2,500,000 Including Rented Accommodation Limit up to €120,000
  • Legal Expenses & Assistance up to €19,000

Please refer to the schedule of cover and policy wording for the full benefits covered, terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance which is available upon request.

What is not insured?

The following are some examples of what is not covered. For full details of all exclusions, please Refer to the policy wording.

  • Any medical condition an insured person has with which a medical practitioner has advised the insured person not to travel or would have done so had the insured person sought his/her advice, but despite this the insured person still travels.
  • Any surgery, treatment or investigations for which an insured person intends to travel outside of his/her home area to receive (including any expenses incurred due to the discovery of other medical conditions during and/or complications arising from these procedures).
  • Suicide, drug use, alcohol or solvent abuse and an insured person putting themselves at risk.
  • Participation in or practice of any professional sports or professional entertaining or Other sports or activities;
  • Travelling against World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice or against the advice of a European Union recognised Government body.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions. Certain pre-existing medical conditions may be covered as standard. Please refer to Part 1 - Important Information in the policy wording.
  • Any claims which would result in breaches of UN resolutions or Trade or Economic sanctions or other laws of the UK, EU or USA.
  • This insurance is only available to persons who are currently legally resident in Greece, European or European Economic Area (EEA) and registered with a medical practitioner or entitled to free public healthcare under reciprocal arrangements currently in place in Greece, European Union or EEA.
  • This is not a private medical insurance. If you need any emergency medical treatment or emergency travel assistance whilst abroad, please contact our 24 hour Emergency Assistance Company, HealthWatch. Not contacting them, or not following their instructions, could affect your claim. Full details are shown under the Making a Claim Section.
  • Please note that under most sections of this insurance, claims will be subject to an excess. This means that you will be responsible for the first part of each and every claim per incident claimed for, under each section by each insured person, unless an additional premium has been paid so that an excess is not payable.


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